Inputlog team

The team consists of researchers in the field of two writing process researchers, two linguists and a computational linguist. The researchers are affiliated to Ghent University and the University of Antwerp.

Team University College Ghent and Gent University
LT3, Language and Translation Technology

Veronique Hoste

Veronique Hoste is Professor of Computational Linguistics at the Faculty of Translation Studies of the University College Ghent. She is also the director of the LT3 language and translation team at the same department and is co-director of the association research group LTCI on Language Technology and Computational Intelligence. Since Fall 2010, she is appointed as part-time visiting professor at Ghent University. Veronique holds a PhD in computational linguistics from the University of Antwerp (Belgium) on "Optimization issues in machine learning of coreference resolution" (2005). She has a strong expertise in machine learning of natural language, and more specifically in coreference resolution, word sense disambiguation, multilingual terminology extraction, classifier optimization, etc.

Lieve Macken

Lieve Macken is a computational linguist with almost twenty years of experience in language technology. She started her career at the Center for Computational Linguistics of the University of Leuven, developing a Simplified English Grammar Checker and Corrector (SECC). She is working at the School of Translation Studies of University College Ghent as a senior researcher. She has strong expertise in multilingual language processing. Her research interests are computer-assisted translation, terminology extraction, human-computer interaction in translation and machine translation. She teaches Computer-assisted translation, Localisation, and Language Technology.

University of Antwerp
Department of Management

Mariëlle Leijten (Flanders Research Foundation)

Mariëlle Leijten received her PhD from Utrecht University on the topic of Writing and Speech Recognition in 2007.
She currently conducts a research project on "Writing from multiple (digital) sources" as a post-doc research fellow of the Flanders Research Foundation (FWO). In this research project, she focuses on writing and digital media, more specifically analyzing on-line writing processes in professional organizations via keystroke logging. Furthermore, she teaches business communication, communication research methods, and new media at the University of Antwerp. She also co-edited the book, Writing and Digital Media in the Elsevier's series on Studies in Writing.

More information can be obtained from her personal website.

Eric Van Horenbeeck

Eric Van Horenbeeck received his PhD in 2008 from the University of Antwerp with a thesis on Topical Facets: Semantic Patterns between Documents and the Vocabulary. This subject is about unsupervised information discovery in unstructured texts by a computer program. Eric's experience with algorithms and software in the linguistic domain allows him to support the research demands of the Inputlog user.

Luuk Van Waes (promotor)

Luuk Van Waes is a professor in Professional Communication at the University of Antwerp . He has been involved in different types of writing research, with a focus on the influence of digital media on the organization of (professional) writing processes.

He published papers in several international peer reviewed journals like: Reading and Writing; Written Communication; IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication, Journal of Pragmatics, Journal of Sociolinguistics, Interacting with Computers, Computers and Composition. He is also the editor of the Journal of Writing Research.

More information can be obtained from his personal website.


Tom Pauwaert - Programmer revision module Inputlog - University of Antwerp - Master in Computer Science - 2011-2012
Joeri Rammelaere – Programmer server for Linguistic Analyses – University of Antwerp - PhD in Computer Science – 2012-2014